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What To Do In The Garden This October

October is a month of great activity in the garden. The earth has warmed and we experience the excitement of change in the garden from one day to the next.

Lots of planting and lots of growing as the wonder of spring unfolds before us.

Plant seedlings of summer flowering annuals such as Alyssum, Marigolds, Petunias, Cosmos, Calendula, Dahlia, Impatiens, Nasturtium, Phlox, Snapdragons, Vincas and Zinnias.

Plant flowering annuals as advanced seedlings or as Potted Colour for instant results.

Plant up hanging baskets and pots – always use a premium quality potting mix because it contains slow release fertilizer and water retention granules. This ensures strong healthy growth, abundant flowering and means less frequent watering through the summer.

Prune back and fertilize spring flowering shrubs once flowering has finished.

Liquid feed annuals and perennials fortnightly with a fertiliser such Thrive, Flourish Bloom Booster or organic Seamax.

Control weeds. Everything is growing quickly including the weeds. Spray or remove weeds before seeding to save some future chores. Eco-Slasher is a certified organic weedkiller, or you can pour boiling water on weeds growing in pathways and between pavers for chemical-free control.

Top up your garden beds with a good layer of mulch. The weather is starting to warm up, so water retention is key.

Now is a good time to install a home irrigation system before the warmer weather arrives.

Treat lawns to eradicate any broadleaf weeds. Feed with a slow release lawn fertiliser. If you have a Buffalo lawn, make sure the lawn weeder you use is specifically recommended for Buffalo or it may kill the lawn as well as the weeds.

Re-pot house plants – pot into a size larger or divide and repot clumping plants. Always use fresh premium quality potting mix and liquid feed fortnightly.

Tropics Sub-tropical Arid Temperate
Asian Greens Asian Greens Basil Asian Greens
Basil Basil French & Climbing Beans French & Climbing Beans
Snake Beans French & Climbing Beans Basil Beetroot
Capsicum Beetroot Capsicum Broccoli
Chilli Capsicum Chilli Cabbage
Carrot Chilli Carrot Capsicum
Cucumber Carrot Cucumber Carrot
Eggplant Chives Eggplant Celery
Ginger Coriander Fennel Chives
Pumpkin Cucumber Ginger Coriander
Spring Onion Dill Leek Dill
Sweet Corn Eggplant Lettuce Fennel
Sweet Potato Fennel Melon Leek
Tomato Kale Potato Lettuce
Leek Pumpkin Mediterranean Herbs*
Lettuce Radish Mint
Mediterranean Herbs* Rocket Onion
Melon Spring Onion Parsley
Mint Sweet Corn Parsnip
Parsley Sweet Potato Potato
Parsnip Tomato Pumpkin
Potato Spring Onion Radish
Pumpkin Sweet Corn Rocket
Radish Sweet Potato Silverbeet
Rocket Tomato Spring Onion
Silverbeet Zucchini Sweet Corn
Spring Onion Tomato
Sweet Corn Zucchini
Sweet Potato
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