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Privacy Policy

Collection and Processing of Personal Data on our Website

Plant Zone Direct uses cookies to record the preferences of visitors, to enable us to optimise the design of our web site. Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You can disable the use of cookies and prevent them from being stored on your hard drive by changing the security setting of your browser. The exact instructions for this can be found in the manual for your browser. If you choose not to accept cookies, you can still visit our website; however, this may result in a reduced availability of the services provided by our web site.

Additional personal data is collected and stored only if volunteered by you, for example in the context of registration to our newsletter or loyalty program through our website links, contact forms, surveys or download requests.


If you sign up to one of our mailing lists through our website link or our loyalty program, this means that you have opted-in and have consented to us sending you emails relating to what we do and provide as a company.

We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease the addresses on our lists to anyone. In addition, we configure our email software to refuse to divulge the email addresses of our list subscribers to anyone but authorized Plant Zone Direct staff, including other list subscribers.

If you would not like to receive future e-mails from us, please use the ‘unsubscribe’ link located at the bottom of our email communications.

Loyalty Program

As part of our loyalty program, we will collect personal information which can include: Name, phone number, email address, date of birth, physical address. Those are given voluntarily by you when you sign up for the loyalty program. You will be given the option of a preferred mean of communication when you sign up between phone call and email. You can change that preference and update those details at any time by letting us know.

When you provide your email address as part of the loyalty program, you will be automatically added to our email database.

By signing up for our loyalty program, you understand that we will have a record of your purchase history. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease your personal information to anyone.

If you wish us to remove some information regarding your loyalty account or delete your account, please let us know.


Information collected in our garden centre

As part of our effort to give you the best customer satisfaction, we can go the extra mile by offering special arrangement to you on a case by case basis. That may include, but not limited to:

  • Collecting and/or holding plants for you,
  • customer wish list with notification service when your plant becomes available,
  • payment of an order by phone,
  • delivering your order for an extra fee to your physical address when possible,
  • lay-by payment.

Those service are available at our discretion and cannot be guaranteed. In order to provide those services for you, we may need to collect personal data. Those are given voluntarily by you to allow us to provide this service. The personal data will be held for the duration of the service provided only and will always be discarded appropriately once completed. Our staff values your privacy and takes great care in protecting your personal information.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

We will only use collected data for the sole purpose of technical administration of the website, customer administration, product surveys and marketing.

Plant Zone Direct does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected by our website or our staff. Our staff and contractors are obliged by us to respect confidentiality.

Plant Zone Direct strives to protect the data we have under our control against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction and against access by unauthorised persons to the best of our ability.

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